Hands down the best gym I’ve ever worked out in! The staff is phenomenal and the other gym members are super supportive, it’s like a fitness family!

— Cori Kirchner

Unlimited Memberships

Our unlimited membership grants you access to our facility and all of our programming options, with discounts on personal and small group training.


Month to Month Unlimited

(No Contract) = $89.99/month
-Includes unlimited access to ALL classes, weight room, cardio area, & sauna -Minimum of 2 months

Month to Month Basic

(No Contract) = $49.99/month
-Provides only open gym access. No access to ANY classes (Bootcamps, Yoga or Spin) -Minimum of 2 months

Contract Unlimited

1 Year Unlimited = $79.99/month 
 2 Years Unlimited = $74.99/month


(Pay upfront and receive a discounted rate on 1 year and 2 year unlimited Memberships)

1 Month Unlimited= $99.99
1 Year Unlimited= $800.00
2 Year Unlimited= $1440.00

Student Month-to-Month

Month to Month (no contract) = $59.99/month

-Includes unlimited access to ALL classes, weight room, cardio area, & sauna

-Minimum of 2 months

-must provide valid student card at time of purchase

Senior 1-Year Contract

1 Year Unlimited =  $44.99/month

-valid for members over the age of 60 with valid photo ID

Family Add On

1 Year Unlimited= $59.99/month

-Offer available to immediate family members only

-Original member must be on a 1 or 2 year contract in order for add on to apply

-Payments will all be processed through original members account

Freedom Class Packs:

1 Pass = $15.00 1 Pass (Student) = $12.00

5 Pass = $65.00  10 Pass = $120.00


Personal & Group Training

We give a whole new meaning to the term “personal trainer”. Our trainers are fitness enthusiasts with a passion for contributing to your personal journey. Say good bye to clip boards, and hello to hands-on personalized programs sure to get you into functional training for the first time, or take your training to the next level.

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We have corporate rates that are the perfect fit for your business!

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