The team is so dedicated to their clients needs and really listens to what you want in a gym and in a workout. The level of support and encouragement is fantastic and makes you dig deep even when you think you’ve had enough.

— Christine

Get the most out of your workout

Our classes are designed to improve your fitness, weather in our signature camp class, spin core, Olympic lifting, or anything in between, we have something for everyone.

Freedom Camp

Freedom Camps are designed for Freedom members with beginner to intermediate experience in a group training setting. Elements of cardio, agility/plyometrics, body weight exercises, strength training, teamwork, competition, and fun are included in every Camp! The scalability of our workouts allow intermediate athletes and beginners to train side by side. The Camps are lead by qualified coaches in an inclusive and supportive environment. We coach to ensure proper biomechanics for your safety, and longevity in health and wellness.

Freedom Light

Freedom Light incorporates the same techniques and equipment as the Freedom Camps, but at a lower level of exertion. It includes the same elements of cardio, agility/plyometrics, body-weight exercises, strength training, teamwork, competition, and fun, just at your pace. Great for people taking their first steps into the fitness game, or for those getting back in the saddle after a bit of a break! Everyone’s an athlete, and this class will prove it!

Freedom Strength

A signature Freedom Strength class! You can expect to find some of your favourite strength exercises from Freedom Camp, without the accompanying cardio exercises. Unlike the Freedom Lifting class – Freedom Strength will incorporate the use of all of the following: free weights, kettle bells, sandbags, pull-up bars, tires, and Rip60’s just to name a few. Training will include micro and macro cycles of periodization. ALL Levels welcome!


A combination of full body strength and conditioning exercises. We’ll challenge your strength, coordination, and stamina by firing your central nervous system and cardiovascular system simultaneously. The kettlebell [and Freedom] are your new best friends. All ages and fitness levels are welcome.


Rip 60 is a body-weight based workout that incorporates elements from various suspension training methods. You’ll loop, hang, pull, and lift yourself to a stronger you!

Cycle Conditioning

Get ready to ride outside with our Cycle Conditioning class! Using a combination of aerobic and anaerobic cycling techniques we’ll have you ready for hours of outdoor cycling fun!


Looking for a wicked cardio class that also targets a rigorous core work out? The basis of our Freedom sessions are to get the most of your workout by combining cardio and strength training for a full body exertion. We thought – why not carry this theory into an innovative cardio class! Our Spin/Core class is guaranteed to succeed in helping you reach your goals.

Freedom Flow (Yoga)

This all levels Vinyassa style yoga class will get your heart rate up while encouraging proper posture, and alignment. This class is perfect for those new to yoga as it introduces some of the main yoga postures (asanas). Improve mobility, breath control, and focus with Freedom Flow. Every Freedom athlete is encouraged to try this class out. Your body, and mind will thank you!

Freedom Stretch (Yin Yang Yoga)

Get the most out of every workout with Freedom Stretch.  This Yin Yang Fusion Flow class works deep into the connective tissues surrounding all the joints of the body; with a special focus on the hips, shoulders, and spine.  Along with increased flexibility, students will also see the benefit of enhanced concentration, breath awareness, balance and coordination.  This class is a great compliment to all types of athletic training and is suitable for all-levels!

We have corporate rates that are the perfect fit for your business!

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