Love the atmosphere, the friendly attitude of the trainers/staff and the community feel of the my fellow patrons.

— Kyle RJ Drever

What Makes Us Different

In a word… movement. We believe movement equals longevity and our expansive space promotes movement. We design programs that employ large multi joint compound movements that are continually changing to limit adaptation and maximize results.

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With 19,000 square feet of space, rustic wood and organic design, the aesthetic of the gym reflects our approach to fitness and environment. The facility not only houses training tools suitable for experts and novices alike, but also enough floor space for proper movement based training to occur.

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Our team represents a collection of professional and amateur athletes, kinesiology, physiology, physiotherapy, bio mechanics and motor control graduates, coupled with a wide range of training specific certifications. All creating one of the best teams in movement detection and correction around.

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Corporate Partnerships

We are from the community and for the community. As such we are always looking for corporate partnerships with organizations whose mission and values align with ours, if interested please contact Rob at We’d love to hear from you, and learn about your organization!

We have corporate rates that are the perfect fit for your business!

Inquire by contacting Robert Belanger,